This Buyer Checklist will help you get started.  Use the link below to print the checklist.

Buyer's Check List

- Send basic information about housing needs to your Realtor
 to start receiving listings via email.
 For example, # Bedrooms, # Bathrooms, Desired Location(s)
 Any amenities that are important.  This is the most efficient way
 to search for active listings as the MLS is the most current data
 about homes for sale.

-Set up a time to preview 2 or 3 homes with your Realtor to get an idea 
 what homes in your price range & different areas look like. 

-Get pre-qualified with a lender to figure out what price range you qualify for
 and to find out what your monthly payment will be. *Most
 loan officers will be able to give you an idea of price and payment in a
 phone consultation. Ask your Realtor for a referral.

 - Items you will need to apply for a loan:
     -Pay stubs (30 Days)
     -Employer Name & Address (Last 2 Years)
     -W-2's (Last 2 Years)
     -Statements for bank acct., mutual fund, and/or 
      investment acct. (Last 3 months)
     If you own more than 25% of a business
     -Corporate or Partnership Tax Returns

     If Self-Employed
     -Tax Returns (Last 3 Years, w/ Schedules)
     -YTD Profit & Loss (Prepared by your accountant)

    -Name and addresses, account #, balances & monthly 
     payments on all current loans/credit cards.

    -Photo ID & Proof of Social Security #
    -Residence addresses for last 2 years
    -Divorce Decree (If applicable)
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